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It's Time To Review Your Architectural Specs

Submitted by Jenny Hull on

Be honest—when was the last time you reviewed and updated your steel framing architectural specification documents? It’s all too common for specifiers and architects to rely on old masters, which could be exposing their teams to potential trouble down the road. Recycling is good, of course, but not when it comes to specifications!

We’re not here to shame. It’s a new year, after all, and what better time than now to revisit these crucial construction documents? And don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone (more on that in a bit).

Why is it so important to update specs on a regular basis? Well, specs based on older masters run the risk of including references to companies that are no longer in business, outdated code citations, or products that are incorrect or unavailable. They are also lacking references to current building trends, such as sustainability standards. These types of errors can lead to callbacks, substitution requests and RFIs, all of which mean increased project costs, lost time and added frustration.

Having your specification documents reviewed by an expert team can help correct these mistakes and make sure you’re working with the latest and best information for your upcoming projects. That’s where we come in. ClarkDietrich was the first in the industry to begin offering complimentary spec reviews, and our experienced team has reviewed more than 2,000 specs since 2011—finding areas for improvement in almost every one we look at.

We believe spec reviews are such a critical component to our customers’ success that we’ve built a team of Construction Document Technologists (CDTs) who have a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities of architects, owners, and contractors; the project delivery process; and are well-versed in the intricacies of construction specification documents. These CDT-certified professionals have received specialized training from the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) and are the ones who will examine your construction specifications and provide updated language around code standards, remove obsolete manufacturers, add improved verbiage, and insert beneficial product suggestions. Most of our team members have achieved green building accreditations like LEED Green Associate. 

And with our long history in cold-formed steel manufacturing, no other company can bring the level of expertise our team can when it comes to issues like EQ gauges, EQ coatings, UL fire ratings, limiting heights, and other structural details.

Look, we get it—nobody wants a manufacturer to insert themselves in the spec review process if it’s only to push their own products. That’s why our team takes a holistic approach to reviewing your specification documents. While many companies will only review Part 2 of the specification, which involves products, our team reviews Parts 1, 2 & 3 to ensure our customers are getting the best advice, regardless of whether it involves our specific product solutions or not.

Specifically, our team reviews the following sections of your specifications:

  • Division 5 - Section 054000 - Cold-Formed Metal Framing
  • Division 9 - Section 092216 - Non-Structural Metal Framing
  • Division 9 - Section 092116 - Gypsum Board Assemblies
  • Division 9 – Section 092400 – Cement Plastering

We strive to make the process of spec review as quick and seamless as possible. Documents can be submitted in either PDF or Word format, and, within a few days of your submittal, you can expect to receive your marked-up specification with our changes tracked, allowing you to accept the updates as you see fit. We also offer personal consultation for any remaining questions or concerns.

Get started today and let us help you avoid the potential pitfalls of an outdated architectural spec. Visit, enter your information, and our team will be in touch soon!