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STUCCO LIVE! Demo Event at World of Concrete Expo on ClarkDietrich® Easy Embedment System™ (EES)

Submitted by Mike Murzyn on Wed, 06/02/2021 - 16:24

Demo Event at World of Concrete Expo Offers Wet Wall Contractors Hands-On Introduction to ClarkDietrich® Easy Embedment System™ (EES)

ClarkDietrich® will give exterior wet wall contractors an up-close look at how its Easy Embedment System™ can solve a number of installation challenges during the STUCCO LIVE! event at World of Concrete, June 8-10 in Las Vegas. During the educational sessions, senior product manager Chris Little will demonstrate how the Easy Embedment System™--comprised of the company’s Structa Wire products and the E-Flange™ product line (BackerBead®, Control Joints and Casing Beads)—enables expert-level stucco installations without a crew of experts.

Sponsored by the Stucco Manufacturers Association (SMA), the live demonstration events will take place in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where attendees will have the opportunity to interact with instructors, product experts and designers to learn the most current trends in stucco applications. Attendees will be introduced to new products and assemblies that meet current energy code standards and high-performance trends.

The Easy Embedment System (EES) will be featured in two demonstration courses during the convention:

  • Lather Training for Cement Stucco, 1:30-3 p.m. June 9
    This session will cover lath materials, tools and installation of lath for cement stucco. Attendees will learn what to look for to approve the substrate and ensure flashing is in place with proper blocking. Enhanced techniques on applying building paper, lath and trim accessories will also be addressed in addition to methods of moisture drainage, rainscreen and continuous insulation.
  • Plaster Training for Cement Stucco, 1:30-3 p.m. June 10
    This session will cover plaster materials, mixing, ratios, identifying quality sand, and safety tips. Application of plaster by hand tool and machine will be covered with best practices for making walls straight and improving water-resistance. Crack reduction will also be covered as well as in-depth review of smooth trowel plaster techniques, fog coating and patching.

The Easy Embedment System addresses the top two causes of stucco failure: lack of embedment and failure to properly terminate at door and window penetrations. The most important part of the plastering application is the scratch-coat, and ClarkDietrich’s EES provides the ideal foundation for lath embedment resulting in a durable, long-lasting stucco cladding. Because its components are engineered to take much of the guesswork out of stucco application, the EES gives even more novice contractors the tools to achieve master-level results.

ClarkDietrich’s E-Flange is a unique, raised, perforated flange design that provides 80 percent more stucco embedment than standard “flat flange” profiles, which can reduce chances of cracking and improve the long-term performance of the cladding. E-Flange is designed to allow the stucco mix to flow through triangle perforations and contact the wall, and its unique shape also allows for quick and easy tying of lath to the E-Flange joints.

BackerBead with E-Flange features a pre-set blue backer rod that is affixed to the vinyl casing bead and set to the exact height and depth. This allows the installer to create a gap on the wall without the hassle of aligning it in the field, thereby saving time and materials.

ClarkDietrich's Structa Wire welded-wire lath products round out the Easy Embedment System by providing an engineered solution to enhance the performance of stucco cladding and are a safe and secure method for stucco installation for building owners and contractors.

To learn more about the ClarkDietrich Easy Embedment System (EES), click here.