ClarkDietrich launches new Full Line Product Catalog

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ClarkDietrich's Full Line Product Catalog 6-26-12

Regardless of your project’s size or complexity, ClarkDietrich has the resources to help you achieve your vision. And this comprehensive, full line catalog is a great start. Here you’ll find select details about every product in our portfolio, including key advantages and technical information, to guide your specifications.

ClarkDietrich™ Building Systems Adds BlazeFrame™ Fire-Stopping System to its Line of Interior Steel Framing Products

June 7, 2012 - West Chester, Ohio – ClarkDietrich™ Building Systems is pleased to announce the addition of BlazeFrame™ to its full-line of interior steel framing products. BlazeFrame is an innovative fire stopping, head-of-wall system used for lightweight steel-framed commercial buildings. Featuring an affixed fire-stopping material on steel profiles, BlazeFrame simultaneously frames, provides a fire rating, as well as a smoke and sound seal of both dynamic and static perimeter joints.

ClarkDietrich™ Building Systems Giving Back To The Community

At ClarkDietrich, one of our organizational values focuses on leading a balanced life. Within that balance is work, family, and community.  Our employees are encouraged to contribute to their communities where we work and live. The ClarkDietrich Cares community service program encourages ClarkDietrich employees to perform voluntary community service work in their communities.  This program enables employees to devote one paid workday every year to volunteering at the community organizations they choose.