#40 Zinc Two-Piece Expansion Joint

Two-piece Zinc expansion joint

Zinc Expansion Joint #40 is a two-piece, slip joint that finishes butt ends of adjacent panels in wide or tall walls and ceilings to allow for multi-directional movement. Panels are attached to parallel studs through the expansion joint flanges, enabling the finished surface to expand or contract naturally without cracking. #40 is ideal for joining dissimilar wall types such as wood framing to CMU and at construction joints. Adjustable expansion opening or reveal is 1/4" to 5/8".  Additional weather shields should be installed behind the joint to enhance the weather resistance of this system.

Product Data & Ordering Information

Product Code Size Length Pcs./Ctn. Ft./Ctn.
EZ40 1/2" 10' 15 150'
3/4" 10' 15 150'
7/8" 10' 15 150'

ASTM & Code Standards:



Suggestions for installation precautions when installing two-piece expansion joints and double casing beads used as double expansion joints: ASTM C1063 requires that double casing beads used as a movement joint “with a flexible barrier membrane behind the casing beads.” It is ClarkDietrich’s opinion that all two-piece joints whether made from double casing beads or as a manufactured two-piece joint should be installed with the flexible peel and stick membrane behind the joint and it is further recommended that they be filled with backer rod and a highly elastic top quality sealant.