E-Flange™ Casing Bead with Drip

PVC Casing bead with Embeddable Flange design

E-Flange Casing Bead with drip is designed to terminate stucco and plaster with a moisture trap.

ClarkDietrich E-Flange embeddable stucco profiles provide 80% more embedment than standard "flat flange" profiles. E-Flange allows for more stucco mix to flow through the flange, providing a more thorough and consistent embedment. The unique E-Flange shape also allows for quick and easy tying of lath and other accessories.

  • 80 % more stucco embedment as compared to standard "flat" flange profiles
  • Larger triangular perforations allow more stucco mix to flow through and adhere to the substrate, improving embedment and lath/trim contact.
  • Raised flange sections allow stucco mix to flow behind the profile
  • Raised flange sections allow for more consistent and easier lath tying through flanges


Product notes:

  • Raised flange height is approximately 3/16"
  • U.S. Patent Number D842,496, D843,015

Product Data & Ordering Information

E-Flange Casing Bead with Drip

Product code Ground Flange width Length Pcs./Box
D-6658EF 5/8" 1-3/4" 10' 75
D-6675EF 3/4" 50
D-6678EF 7/8" 50
D-66100EF 1" 50
  • Available with weep holes.
  • Lengths: Custom lengths upon request.
  • Colors: Available in white (tan/brown/gray available upon request)


ASTM & Code Standards


  • Vinyl Material: Complies with ASTM D1784 and ASTM C1063, Table 1, PVC for exterior use.
  • Allows for sufficient material pressure to form full keys through the attachment flange per ASTM C926.
  • E-Flange shape provides for less surface contact with the substrate and greater contact with lath, for a more fully embedded assembly per ASTM C1861 & C1063
  • SDS & Product Certification Information

Installation Recommendations:

  • Attach to substrate through E-Flange per ASTM C1063.
  • Caulk all intersections, butt joints, ends and corners at time of installation.