BackerBead® with Short Flange

Casing Bead with factory applied blue backer rod to assure proper sealant

BackerBead® with Short Flange is perfect for situations where the standard 1-3/4" flange size is too large for the application. Easy to install in tight areas such as recessed doors and windows, providing added moisture protection and a clean finish. A labor saving and quality control product for use at exterior openings in wet wall stucco applications.

To properly assemble a wall cladding system using stucco or manufactured stone veneer, the best practice is to maintain a "gap" around door and window openings and install a backer rod with compatible sealant in order to keep moisture out. The use of BackerBead ensures that the correct caulk gap will be created around all door and window openings on exterior walls. The gap is predetermined by the factory-applied, closed-cell backer rod that is properly aligned and adhered to the vinyl casing bead. This approach eliminates the need to install the backer rod separately, saving time and ensuring a consistent, normal gap width and depth of 1/4" x 1/4". When installed and caulked properly, BackerBead provides added protection from water penetration.

Features / Benefits:

  • Combination Bead - Reduces steps in the field installation of casing bead and separate backer rod. Ensures backer rod is installed around all door and window openings.
  • Improved Quality - Factory-applied blue backer rod with preset width and depth to ensure proper caulk gap for sealant application. When the gap is properly caulked, the blue backer rod will no longer be visible.
  • Separation of Dissimilar Materials - Properly terminates stucco and mortar at window and door frames.
  • Sealant Compatibility - Closed-cell backer rod compatible with elastomeric and other cold-applied sealants.
    Physical Properties

Physical Properties

  • Vinyl Accessory - Complies with ASTM D1784 and ASTM C1063, Table 1, PVC for exterior use.
  • Backer Rod - Closed-cell material per ASTM C1330, square, flexible, continuous lengths of extruded polyethylene foam used as backing material. Meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C1016 Standard Test Method for Determination of Water Absorption of Sealant Backing (Joint Filler) Material.
  • BackerBead components are chemically inert and virtually dust-free.

Product Data & Ordering Information

Product code Ground Dimensions Pcs./Box
6658BBSF 5/8" 1" Flange 50
6678BBSF 7/8" 50
66125BBSF 1-1/4" 50

Lengths: All 10-foot long standard. Custom lengths upon request.
Colors: Available in white, tan, brown or gray.
Backer Rod: Blue standard, white backer rod optional (for clear sealants)

Product Notes:

  • Factory applied 3/8" x 3/8" backer rod is adhered with set back of 1/4" from the leading edge of the ground on BackerBead casing bead products, unless noted.
  • BackerBead also available with a solid flange upon request. Add U to product code, example: 6658BBSFU.
  • Integral backer rod also available in white upon request for clear sealant applications. Add -WH to product code, example 6658BBSF-WH.
  • U.S. Patent Number D761,971

ASTM & Code Standards:

  • Vinyl Material: Complies with ASTM D1784 and ASTM C-1063, Table 1, PVC for exterior use.
  • Backer Rod: Closed cell material per ASTM C1330, square, flexible continuous lengths of extruded polyethylene foam used as a backing material.
  • Passed ASTM E331 - Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Exterior Windows, Skylights, Doors, and Curtain Walls by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference.  This ASTM performance covers the determination of the resistance of exterior windows and doors to water penetration when water is applied to the outdoor face and exposed edges simultaneously with a uniform static air pressure at the outdoor face higher than the pressure at the indoor face.   Stucco was tested in this condition both with the BackerBead® and caulking, vs. no bead and caulked gap, which did not pass the E331 test.  Test results are available upon request.
  • SDS & Product Certification Information

Installation recommendations:

Prior to placing the BackerBead, clean all surfaces to receive the bead and remove any oil and moisture. Refer to sealant manufacturer’s recommendations.

Backer Bead Installation video: