#701A/#801A J-Trim

Provides clean, neat edge protection at gypsum panel terminations for one- and two-coat veneer plaster finishes

Veneer trims 701A and 801A are J-shaped trims formed from galvanized steel to fit standard 1/2" and 5/8" gypsum panel depths with grounds to accommodate veneer finishes. These trims provide clean, neat edge protection for one- or two-coat veneer plaster finishes at gypsum panel terminations to wall openings and wall or ceiling intersections. 701A provides 3/32" grounds for two-coat veneers and 801A has 1/16" grounds for one-coat veneer plaster.

  • Mini-mesh flanges for plaster keying
  • Eliminates shadowing
  • Galvanized coated for corrosion protection
  • Also available in zinc

Product Data & Ordering Information

Material: 0.013 min thickness, G30 galvanized.

Product Code Type Grounds Width Length Pcs./Ctn.
M71A 701A 3/32" 1/2" 8' or 10' 50
M71A 701A 3/32" 5/8" 8' or 10' 50
M81A 801A 1/16" 1/2" 8' or 10' 50
M81A 801A 1/16" 5/8" 8' or 10' 50

ASTM & Code Standards: