Stainless Steel Self-Furring V-Groove Lath

A Stainless Steel Self-Furring V-Groove Metal Lath for Plaster/Stucco/Drainage/Base

A self-furring expanded V-grooved stainless steel metal lath, ideal for interior and exterior use over sheathing, masonry and other solid surfaces as required per ASTM C1063. The V-grooved self-furring plaster base is manufactured with evenly spaced indentations, 6” apart which run the length of the lath sheet holding the metal lath a consistent ¼” away from the surface to be plastered. The V-groove provides an ideal point of attachment of the fastener to achieve ASTM C1063 compliance.
  • Strength of Stainless Steel Alloy
  • MultipleApplicationUses
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Product Data & Ordering Information

Material: Stainless Alloy 304 Grade
Packaged: Individual Sheets

Product Code

Weight per
Sq. Yd.

Sheet Size
SS-VG-205 2.5 lbs. 27" x 97"
SS-VG-304 3.4 lbs. 27" x 97"

ASTM & Code Standards:

  • ASTM A 240 Standard Specification for Chromium & Chromium Nickel Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet, and for Pressure Vessels and General Applications.
  • ASTM C-847, for physical properties (LxWxH and weight) in Stainless Alloy.
  • SDS & Product Certification Information

All fasteners or attachments to match same stainless alloy, or isolate the galvanized fasteners via neoprene washer to avoid dissimilar metal contact.