Spray Rib Lath

Galvanized Expanded Steel Plaster/Stucco Base


A herringbone mesh pattern with seven deep longitudinal solid steel ribs with 3-3/16” wide strips of plain 50lb kraft paper spot attached with glue between ribs. Spray Rib Lath provides the superior strength and exceptional rigidity of regular 3.4 high rib lath while the addition of the strips of kraft paper limits the loss of plaster when used over open framing or when spray applied. Spray Rib lath is not a replacement for Grade-D weather resistant barrier.

(Spray Rib Lath is available in the West Coast only)

Product Data & Ordering Information

Material: G-60 Galvanized Steel
Packaged: 25 bundles or 250 pieces per pallet

Product Code

Wt. per

Sq. Yd.

Sheet Size Pcs./Bdl. Yds./Bdl. Yds./Pallet
LARS 3.4 lbs. 27" x 97" 10 20 500

ASTM & Code Standards: