MaxTrak UL® Fire Rated Listings

MaxTrak™ UL® fire-rated information:

Meeting deflection and drift requirements are only part of the strengths
of MaxTrak. When it comes to meeting fire-rated systems, MaxTrak is UL® approved for the most common UL® design assemblies and a variety of head-of-wall fire stop systems. All fire-rated assemblies comply to UL 2079 test standards.

MaxTrak and MaxTrak 2D UL® fire-rated approvals:
UL Approved Systems - Listing Partner and Design Number
UL Control 42XE - 1- and 2-Hour Designs, UL-2079 Test Standard Compliant

ClarkDietrich's Full UL Joint System Listing

MaxTrak UL Lookup Tables by Sealeant Type:

SYSTEM 7 - STI Specified Technologies Inc.
HW-D-0003 HW-D-0034 HW-D-0043 HW-D-0044 HW-D-0054
HW-D-0088 HW-D-0099 HW-D-0102 HW-D-0103 HW-D-0136
HW-D-0137 HW-D-0152 HW-D-0194 HW-D-0210 HW-D-0241
HW-D-0242 HW-D-0243 HW-D-0252 HW-D-0260 HW-D-0365
HW-D-0456 HW-D-0483 HW-D-0484 HW-D-0485 HW-D-0486
HW-D-0548 HW-D-0549      
SYSTEM 8 - PFPP Passive Fire Protection Partners
HW-D-0024 HW-D-0025 HW-D-0036 HW-D-0062 HW-D-0063
HW-D-0071 HW-D-0072 HW-D-0073 HW-D-0162 HW-D-0185
HW-D-0263 HW-D-0272 HW-D-0278    
HW-D-0020 HW-D-0021 HW-D-0029 HW-D-0031 HW-D-0101
HW-D-0111 HW-D-0134 HW-D-0517    
HW-D-0042 HW-D-0045 HW-D-0046 HW-D-0049 HW-D-0076
HW-D-0077 HW-D-0082 HW-D-0083 HW-D-0084 HW-D-0085
HW-D-0087 HW-D-0089 HW-D-0106 HW-D-0154 HW-D-0184
HW-D-0190 HW-D-0218 HW-D-0259 HW-D-0264 HW-D-0313
HW-D-0322 HW-D-0541 HW-D-0542    
SYSTEM 16 - John Wagner Assoc.