MaxTrak® Slotted Deflection Track

Performance that stands up to deflection.

For superior head-of-wall vertical deflection, and the added benefit of horizontal drift movement, ClarkDietrich introduces two solutions—MaxTrak® Slotted Deflection Track and MaxTrak® 2D Slotted Deflection & Drift Track. The MaxTrak System allows the top of the wall stud to float within the track legs. This connection allows for vertical live load movement of the primary structure without transferring axial loads to the wall studs. In addition, MaxTrak 2D also has slots in the web to allow for horizontal drift when required by seismic designs.


MaxTrak Slotted Deflection Track has slots in the legs to allow for vertical deflection.   MaxTrak 2D Slotted Deflection & Drift Track has slots in the legs and in the web to allow for deflection and drift.

Construction Advantages:

  • Provides positive attachment to wall framing for overall wall strength with no additional components
  • MaxTRAK Non-Structural Systems are available with 2-1/2" legs
  • MaxTRAK Structural Systems are available in two leg lengths: 2-1/2" or 3" legs
    • 2-1/2" Leg MaxTRAK has 1-1/2" long slots with a total allowable vertical (deflection) movement of 1-1/2" (3/4"±)
    • 3" Leg MaxTRAK has 2" long slots with a total allowable vertical (deflection) movement of 2" (1"±)
  • Total allowable horizontal (drift) movement of 4" (2"±) (MaxTrak 2D only)
  • One-piece system reduces the cost of materials and labor
  • Easy installation reduces labor costs
  • Fire-rated system integrates with a variety of UL® head-of-wall fire stop systems
  • MaxTrak 2-1/2" Leg system has code report Intertek CCRR-0205
  • Can be used for both interior non-load bearing walls and exterior curtain wall systems
  • Embossed guideline at center of vertical deflection slot helps installers correctly position fasteners accurately and quickly

Design Advantages:

ClarkDietrich Engineering Service & Technical Services are Here to Support You

  • MakTrax and MaxTrak 2D 2-1/2" Leg is Intertek code certified for lateral and horizontal loads.
  • Use our MaxTrak Selection Guide for quick preliminary sizing from ClarkDietrich's technical department allowing you to see the advantages of using the MaxTrak system compared to the conventional systems.
  • Contact Technical Services at 888-437-3244


Need Product Data Sheets or Submittals?

For product data sheets with allowable lateral loads for all MaxTrak profiles, use the Launch SubmittalPro link found on the bottom of this page or view the below submittals:

Structural MaxTRAK:

Non-Structural MaxTRAK:

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