Deep Leg Deflection Track System

Traditional, single-track deflection assembly for interior partitions & curtain-wall framing

This traditional assembly accommodates the deflection of the building structure at the head of wall. The single long leg track assembly requires 1-1/2" cold-rolled channel and 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" 16-gauge EasyClip™ Clip Angles (U-Series™) (or other bridging method) installed continuously throughout the uppermost punch-outs to align the studs vertically within the plane of the wall. Deflection track details must be designed for the specific conditions of a building to accommodate the required deflection and end reactions of the studs. Deflection tracks cannot be used in axial load-bearing stud conditions or above continuous window spandrels.

  • Nonproprietary system.
  • Traditional framing components.
  • Requires bridging at top of wall.


Need Product Data Sheets or Submittals?

For product data sheets with allowable lateral loads for all Deep Leg Track profiles, use the Launch SubmittalPro link found on the bottom of this page or view the below submittals:

Structural Deep Leg Deflection Track Submittal

Non-Structural ProTrak Deep Leg Deflection Track Submittal