Universal Joist Hanger (UJH)

Floor joists connection to structural steel beams or CFS headers

The Universal Joist Hangers (UJH) 68mils (14ga) or 97mils (12ga) are used to connect joists to CFS headers (with screws, welds or PAF fasteners) and steel I-beams (with welds or PAF fasteners). The UJH is sized to fit joist sizes from 8" to 14" deep.

Coating: G90
ASTM: A1003, A653

Product Data & Ordering Information

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Product code Mils Gauge Yield Strength Design Thickness Pcs./Bkt
UJH-68 68 14 50ksi 0.0713" 50
UJH-97 97 12 50ksi 0.1017" 50


Clip to Joist Attachment:

  • The joist flange must rest on top of the Universal Joist Hanger as shown in the image to the right. Attach the UJH hanger with specified number of #10 or #14 screws as listed in the table below under the Joist column.

Clip attachment to CFS Header:

  • Attach the UJH hanger to the top and side (face) of the CFS Header with specified number of #10 screws as listed in the table below.

Clip attachment to Structural Beam:

  • Welded Connection:
    The minimum required weld to the top flange is 2" fillet weld to each side of top flange. Special considerations must be taken when welding galvanized steel.
  • PAF (Powder Actuated Fasteners):
    For powder actuated fasteners attachment (PAF, 0.157"), steel headers shall have minimum 3/16" thickness and minimum yield strength of 36 ksi.