TradeReady® Header

Preformed U-shaped header that slides easily over wall assembly and provides maximum carrying capacity

The TradeReady® load-bearing one-piece header drastically reduces labor costs when compared to standard box beam headers constructed with C-shaped members. TradeReady® headers are pre-engineered to fit standard door and window openings. Just slip the TradeReady® header over the top track, screw to the jamb studs and your header is complete. These headers have great load-distribution qualities and enable access for insulation after the framing is completed.

U.S. Patent No. 5,689,922 and other foreign patents.

  • Huge labor savings.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Pre-engineered for most door or window openings.
  • Easily insulated after installation.

Product Data & Ordering Information

Wall Stud Size Leg Length Gauge (mils) Lbs./Ft.
3-5/8" 8" 14 (68) 4.802 lbs.
6" 8" 14 (68) 5.383 lbs.
3-5/8" 12" 14 (68) 6.760 lbs.
6" 12" 14 (68) 7.341 lbs.