CC33 3/4" Channel Clip

33mil (20 Gauge) Lateral Bracing Clip used to secure 3/4" U-Channel to drywall studs

The ClarkDietrich CC33 clip is used to secure U-Channel or Cold Rolled Channel (CRC) to non-structural wall studs. The wall stud friction fit design allows for as little as one screw for the connection to the U-Channel.

The CC33 clip is a stiffened, G90 galvanized steel clip that's tested and designed to facilitate the rapid, efficient installation of 3/4" U-Channel lateral bracing for non-structural interior wall framing constructed of ProSTUD® Drywall Framing or non-structural studs.

  • The CC33 clip should not be used in studs over 6" wide
  • US Patent No. D822,455

Product Data & Ordering Information

Thickness:    20 Gauge (33mil) 0.0346” design thickness, 0.0329” minimum thickness
Yield Strength:    33ksi
Coating:        G90

Dimensions:  Made to fit over 3/4” U-Channel and inside a drywall punchout
Packaging:    (200) pieces per bucket
Product Weight:    0.12 lb. / piece

ASTM & Code Standards:

•    Galvanized sheet steel meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM C645
•    Sheet steel meets or exceeds mechanical and chemical requirements of ASTM A1003
•    SDS & Product Certification Information


CC33 clips are fastened using #8 self-drilling screws driven through the clip hole into the U-Channel. More than one screw may be needed depending on design. Design loads & tables can be found below.

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