Notched Track

Notched track for blocking & backing

Notched Track is generally used for joist blocking or horizontal backing in walls to allow support for cabinets, appliances etc. Notched Track is also specified in many hospital jobs to add support to the mechanical equipment that is mounted on walls.

Used in framing applications:

  • Floor joist blocking.
  • Horizontal wall backing.
  • Support for cabinets.

Product Data & Ordering Information

Material: All Structural Material: Grade 33ksi min. yield strength, G60(50ksi and G90 material available)
33mils: 20ga STR, 0.0346”
Design Thickness, 0.0329“ Min. Thickness

43mils: 18ga, 0.0451”
Design Thickness, 0.0428“ Min. Thickness

54mils: 16ga, 0.0566”
Design Thickness, 0.0538“ Min. Thickness

Dimensions: Track Leg: 1-1/4” Standard (custom 1” & 1-1/2” legs available)

Widths: 4” & 6” Standard (custom widths available by special order)

Stock Lengths: 10’-0” long for 12”o.c. and 24”o.c spacing
                            9’-4” & 10'-8" long for 16”o.c spacing
(Custom lengths available by special order)

ASTM & Code Standards:

  • Structural framing is produced to meet or exceed ASTM C955
  • Galvanized sheet steel meets or exceeds requirements of A653 and A1003
  • SDS & Product Certification Information is available at