OCT 2017 - FastBridge™ Clip (FB33, FB43 & FB68)

Used to secure U-Channel or Cold Rolled Channel (CRC) to structural wall studs when used in load-bearing or curtain wall applications. The wall stud friction fit design allows for as little as one screw for the connection to the U-Channel.

SEP 2017 - Fire Blocking

33mil, 43mil or 54mil Fire Blocking System ClarkDietrich’s Fire Blocking is specifically designed to meet the requirement of horizontal fire blocking inside the wall system and between floor levels. Fire Blocking system simply installs by twisting into stud flanges and screwing into stud webs. The...

AUG 2017 - Universal Joist Hanger (UJH)

Floor joists connection to structural steel beams or CFS headers The Universal Joist Hangers (UJH) 68mils (14ga) or 97mils (12ga) are used to connect joists to CFS headers (with screws, welds or PAF fasteners) and steel I-beams (with welds or PAF fasteners). The UJH is sized to fit joist sizes...


VERTICAL BUILDING MOVEMENT UP TO 3" ClarkDietrich FCSC-HD 68mils (14ga) is used to attach exterior curtain-wall studs to the building concrete structure and provide for vertical building movement independent of the cold-formed steel framing.

JAN 2018 - Drift FastClip™ Slide Clip (D-FCSC) 14ga

Vertical and lateral building movement up to 2" ClarkDietrich Drift FastClip™ Slide Clip 68mils (14ga) is used to attach exterior curtain-wall studs to the building structure and provide for both vertical and lateral movement.

APR 2016 - Stainless Steel Self-Furring V-Groove Lath

A self-furring expanded V-grooved stainless steel metal lath, ideal for interior and exterior use over sheathing, masonry and other solid surfaces as required per ASTM C1063. Used for Plaster/Stucco/Drainage/Base

APR 2016 - Stainless Steel Diamond Mesh Lath

A superior multi-purpose stainless steel expanded mesh lath base widely used for exterior plaster and stucco reinforcement. The flat surface is easily cut and formed for use with flat or contoured surfaces.