ClarkDietrich® Launches “EQ-IQ” Educational Campaign to Raise Awareness of Innovations in Cold-formed Steel Framing

ClarkDietrich® Launches “EQ-IQ” Educational Campaign to Raise Awareness of Innovations in Cold-formed Steel Framing

April 20, 2016 - West Chester, Ohio – ClarkDietrich Building Systems announced today the launch of its “EQ- IQ” initiative, an educational campaign to raise awareness about new innovations in cold-formed steel framing.

At the center of the campaign is an effort to educate architects and specifiers on the benefits of equivalent or “EQ” coatings for nonstructural steel framing members. These specialized coatings provide several performance benefits over traditional G40 galvanized steel including better jobsite durability and extended corrosion protection.   

“The steel stud industry has changed considerably over the last several years, and from our discussions with architects and specifiers we realized there’s a bit of a knowledge gap when it comes to recent advancements in cold-formed steel framing,” said Terry Westerman, Vice President, Marketing at ClarkDietrich Building Systems. “By educating the building community on advancements such as EQ coatings and product transparency, our goal is to position cold-formed steel as the preferred building material of choice for commercial and mid-rise construction.”

As part of the campaign, ClarkDietrich will publish a series of print and online advertisements, make in-person presentations at various tradeshows, and highlight any new research via social media. The campaign also includes a dedicated landing page,, that will contain resources such as white papers, testing data, infographics and videos, all of which are designed to educate architects and specifiers on EQ coatings.

ClarkDietrich has long been on the forefront of steel framing innovation, most recently introducing ProSTUD® with DiamondPlus® Coating. This drywall framing system sets the industry benchmark for EQ-coated studs, as it provides superior anti-corrosion protection compared to traditional G40 grade steel.

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