ClarkDietrich™ Building Systems Giving Back To The Community

At ClarkDietrich, one of our organizational values focuses on leading a balanced life. Within that balance is work, family, and community.  Our employees are encouraged to contribute to their communities where we work and live. The ClarkDietrich Cares community service program encourages ClarkDietrich employees to perform voluntary community service work in their communities.  This program enables employees to devote one paid workday every year to volunteering at the community organizations they choose.

This year, the employees at the Union Centre offices devoted a half day of work to support the Freestore Foodbank in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Volunteers in groups of 6-10 spent time sorting through donated food and creating Power Packs, which are distributed in the area schools on Fridays.  The staff at the Foodbank shared with us that for some children, that Power Pack is the only thing they’ll have to eat all weekend.  There were a total of 24 volunteers.  The company provided ClarkDietrich Cares t-shirts for the groups to wear to show support in the community and to promote teamwork.