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ClarkDietrich® Easy Embedment System™ (EES) Brings Ease and Confidence to Orlando Airport Expansion

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Earlier this year, ClarkDietrich assisted in the $4.1 billion expansion of the Orlando International Airport (MCO) South Terminal with use of our Easy Embedment System™ (EES). The project, dating September 2019 through May 2021, included 164,000 square feet of exterior stucco application.

“The project was unique because the design included ‘CI-Stucco,’ or continuous insulation/stucco, where the rigid insulation was placed between the fiberglass Z-furring that ran horizontal on the wall, perpendicular to the stud framing behind. Therefore, the lathing had to be attached perpendicular to the framing per ASTM C-1063, and that meant lath was needed to run vertical across the Z-girts,” explained Chris K. Little, Sr. Product Manager, ClarkDietrich.

“There is only one metal lath approved to run vertical - Mega Lath by Structa Wire. We incorporated the E-Flange designed PVC accessories to complete the system for enhanced embedment,” said Little.

EES was a perfect fit for this important project because it made stucco embedment fast and efficient on the job. The EES creates a finish that will stand up over time, reducing callbacks and failures due to moisture intrusion resulting from poor embedment. In addition, to help ensure proper installation and answer questions, ClarkDietrich provided technical support on-site at key points throughout the project.

“Several options were provided in the initial drawings, but the EES was chosen for its quality and ease of use,” stated Jordan Villa, Project Manager, SkyBuilders USA, who served as the stucco sub-contractor for the project. “The way we were able to bring the roll all the way to the top, hook it to screws, and work it downward made the process quicker. Additionally, having the technical support rep on site helping us throughout the project, making sure we were doing things correctly, really helped us out.”

The EES addresses the top two causes of stucco failure: lack of embedment and failure to properly incorporate the control joints into the stucco panels. The most important part of the plastering application is the scratch-coat, and ClarkDietrich’s EES provides the ideal foundation for lath embedment resulting in a durable, long-lasting stucco cladding. Because its components are engineered to take much of the guesswork out of stucco application, the EES gives even more novice contractors the tools to achieve master-level results.

ClarkDietrich’s E-Flange is a unique, raised, perforated flange design that provides 80 percent more stucco embedment than standard “flat flange” profiles, which can reduce chances of cracking and improve the long-term performance of the cladding. E-Flange is designed to allow the stucco mix to flow through triangle perforations and contact the wall, and its unique shape also allows for quick and easy tying of lath to the E-Flange joints.

BackerBead with E-Flange features a pre-set blue backer rod that is affixed to the vinyl casing bead and set to the exact height and depth. This allows the installer to create a gap on the wall without the hassle of aligning it in the field, thereby saving time and materials.

ClarkDietrich's Structa Wire welded-wire lath products round out the EES by providing an engineered solution to enhance the performance of stucco cladding and are a safe and secure method for stucco installation for building owners and contractors.

“One of the biggest selling factors was that, with the vinyl system as opposed to the diamond mesh system, the amount of rust and cracks were dramatically reduced,” said Louis Adorno, Project Superintendent, SkyBuilders USA. “After completion, we did not have to go back, which saved us time. Once we applied the scratch, there were no issues. This Mega Lath was a game-changer and the E-Flange was spot on for what we needed for this project.”

The EES made installation for the Orlando Airport project faster and more efficient creating a finish that will stand up over time – which is critical for a project of such magnitude.

Watch the video about the Orlando International Airport project below:

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