ClarkDietrich Receives Giving Back Award at AD Building Materials Annual Spring Meeting

At ClarkDietrich, achieving a work-life balance is integral to the company’s culture. The company’s leadership understands that employees work to live, not live to work, and as such does what it can to enable the staff to balance their lives around work, family and community.

In recognition of these efforts, AD Building Materials, North America’s largest buying group for construction products and industrial supplies, honored ClarkDietrich with the Giving Back award at its annual spring meeting. The award is presented to the company that makes the success and health of their community a priority. Each winner receives a $1,000 to donate to the charity of their choice.

ClarkDietrich was recognized due to its ongoing philanthropic efforts, specifically centered around the company’s efforts to serve food and supplies to less fortunate members of the Rochelle, Illinois community. Last year, ClarkDietrich donated 1,692 items to Rochelle Food Pantry and collected 1,665 pounds of food that is equivalent to 1,388 meals.

“As an organization, we truly believe that giving back to the communities where our employees live not only benefits the people we are helping but benefits us as a company coming together to work towards a cause that is important to us,” said Jim Collins, president and CEO, ClarkDietrich. “We would like to thank  the AD organization for recognizing our efforts.”

Within the organization, the ClarkDietrich Cares program encourages employees to perform voluntary community service work in their communities. The program was implemented for all company facilities to contribute to the effort based on local needs on a regular basis. In addition, employees are able to devote one paid workday every year to volunteering at the community organizations they choose.