CDT Certified Staff Continues to Grow at ClarkDietrich, Along With Company’s Support of the Industry Designation

The Construction Specifications Institute’s Construction Documents Technology (CDT®) program has provided training in construction documentation for architects, contractors, contract administrators, specifiers, and manufacturers’ representatives for decades. By being able to understand and interpret written construction documents, CDTs perform their jobs more effectively. By understanding the roles and relationships of all participants, CDTs improve communication among all members of the construction team.

As a leader in the industry, ClarkDietrich recognizes the value and has championed the CDT certification. We currently count 13 CDTs among our ranks, with more planning to take the exam in the near future.

Registration is currently open for the Spring 2019 CDT Exam. To inspire and encourage anyone thinking of taking this next step in their career, we recently caught up with our own Janine Dallies, CSI, CDT, CCPR, LEED Green Associate, ASG Manager, who has not only benefited from the designation herself, but has extensive experience helping other professionals navigate the certification process.

Q: What sparked your interest in becoming a CDT? 

A: The thought of having instant credibility with the architect sparked my interest. In my role, I feel it has certainly allowed me to have more confidence in reviewing construction specifications. It showed the design team that I could professionally review their specifications.

Q: What are the professional benefits of having the CDT designation?

A: It was eye-opening and instrumental in helping me do my job more thoroughly and with greater confidence. It taught me how specifications were prepared and organized and how there is a proper place for everything within the 3-part sections. It has allowed me to understand the professional jargon the design community often uses and understand “their language.”

Q: What advice would you give to someone considering CDT certification? 

A: Don’t wait! You won’t regret it! If you want to know more about the project delivery process—it’s in there. I still reference my Project Delivery Practice Guide.

Q: What does it mean to an architect/specifier to work with someone who is CDT certified? 

A: It shows that they are dedicated to the industry and it shows a great commitment.   Understanding how the project delivery process works and how the project teams work together is critical. It changed the way I communicated with design professionals. I learned the proper chain for communication and improved the odds for substitution requests to be accepted.

Q: What do you think it means for the industry for a brand like ClarkDietrich to support this certification? 

A: It greatly shows ClarkDietrich’s support for CSI and design professionals. It shows that the company really can be viewed as a trusted advisor. ClarkDietrich is demonstrating its staff has the proper education to represent their product lines and do it the right way.