Bill Courtney Receives Prestigious Award from AD Building Materials

Bill Courtney Receives Prestigious Award from AD Building Materials

Bill Courtney was recently honored as this year’s recipient of the Order of the Wolf Award from AD Building Materials. The company, which was previously known as AMAROK, derives from the Inuit name for wolf. The Order of the Wolf Award recognizes recipients that are defined as strong, persevering, passionate, independent, impactful and beneficial to the industry at large. 

Serving as president and CEO for more than three decades, Courtney has helped transform ClarkDietrich - once a 20-person construction products company - into the nation’s largest producer of cold-formed steel framing materials.

As stated by AD Builder Materials, “Bill Courtney exceeds the criteria specified and that is why AD Building Materials wanted to recognize him by presenting the award in honor of his influential dedication over the past 30 years.”

Dan Maroni, president of AD Building Materials, echoed this sentiment when presenting the award to Courtney during the group’s annual spring meeting, “Sometimes there are people who come along in this industry that you know are going to be special the first time you meet them. The skills were there, the desire was there and most prevalent was the passion. His passion to grow his company, the industry and the customer was a great learning experience for me.”  

Today, ClarkDietrich Building Systems has 1,400 employees across 18 facilities spanning the United States. The company is widely-recognized as an industry innovator and technological leader for product systems and software related to cold-formed steel framing.

“I am grateful that I have had a career in an industry that values personal relationships and where your word and integrity is still the gold standard,” said Courtney. “I want to thank everyone that invested time in me, to get to know me and vice versa, and most of all, thank you for giving my work and career meaning.”

ClarkDietrich and Bill Courtney are very proud of this accomplishment and would like to thank AD Building Materials for the honorable recognition.

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