ClarkDietrich honors Riverside team leader Hector Perez with this year’s Foundation Award

The Foundation Award celebrates the team member that best represents the heart and soul of ClarkDietrich

ClarkDietrich is proud to honor this year’s recipient of the Foundation Award, Production Supervisor Hector Perez, for his endless dedication to ClarkDietrich and its employees. The award is the company’s highest honor and recognizes people who make the workplace a better experience for all employees. Perez is an all-around team member that best represents the values that ClarkDietrich stands for. 
Perez has been a part of the Riverside team for 14 years, during which he has served many lead and supervisor roles including Roll Form Operator, Production Lead, MRP scheduler and a Shipping Lead. In each position, he has tempered the assertiveness it takes to be successful with gestures of teamwork and appreciation.
“I don’t do the work that I do just to receive this award,” said Perez. “It comes from my heart. I like to help people and that’s just the way I am. It’s a huge accomplishment for me.”
Not only does Perez excel in his own jobs but he also makes sure his coworkers succeed to the best of their ability. He is always quick to offer his time and effort to make others feel important and appreciated for who they are and the work they do. 
As the leader of Riverside’s Safety Committee last year, Perez and his wife Betty created Safety Committee and First Responder stickers for each committee member to wear on their bump caps to emphasize the importance of safety within the work environment. He also showed his appreciation for our military veterans by creating American Flag stickers for the employees to display with pride. 
Aside from the constant support he provides to his coworkers while they are on the job, he is constantly looking for ways to better their lives outside of the work environment. For example, a few months ago, an employee from a different department had his vehicle stolen from the parking lot. Perez was the first to offer him a ride to the impound and helped him replace the flat tire they found on the car.
These are just some of the displays of appreciation and team spirit that has earned Perez the respect and admiration of everyone at the Riverside location and why the entire ClarkDietrich community feels that Perez deserves the Foundation Award. All workplaces could use an employee like Hector Perez.