Hassles: The beginning of the end.

Bringing the hidden to light.

Setbacks, delays and hurdles. Small obstacles, little screw-ups and minor annoyances. Every project has them, right? No big deal. You just roll with it, maybe let a few choice phrases fly through your suddenly clinched teeth and soldier on.

As a building construction or design pro, you’ve probably learned to live with some cold, hard truths. Stuff happens. Schedules shift. Questions get answered . . . eventually. And expecting the unexpected? It just goes with territory. 

But should it?

At ClarkDietrich, we look at the meddlesome problems you encounter every day from a different perspective: There are hidden dangers lurking if you regularly accept slight headaches as part of the routine. Each challenge that challenges you—from tackling tedious searches for product details, to putting up with installation snafus, to playing catchup to codes and trends—comes at a cost to your productivity, profitability and peace of mind.

Ultimately, the real threat doesn’t lie in any one isolated problem, slowdown or inconvenience—but in their cumulative effect. Seemingly insignificant nuisances don’t stay that way. They pile on, gang up and before you know it, you’ve got a huge nightmare on your hands.


They’re Hassles. With a capital H.

Call them what you will, but we’ve chosen to clearly label the challenges that plague you collectively as the Hassles. As you’ll learn, they exist in a variety of forms, each with their own name and warped sense of purpose. After all, knowing who your enemies are is the first step to defeating them.

 Whether you’re an architect, specifier, distributor, contractor, installer or otherwise—the Hassles hassle everyone. And without remorse or regard for job titles. They’re the root cause of blown timelines, cost overruns, callbacks and compliance issues, just to name a few.

That’s why ClarkDietrich is on a mission to identify and eliminate the little Hassles so they don’t do their dirty work unseen. Or worse, work themselves up into bigger troubles.


With awareness comes action.

Are we alarmists? Hardly. While the Hassles call stark attention to small, often unconsidered problems, our continued focus is on the specific solutions we offer. Not to mention, on the broad scope of answers we provide in the form of products, digital tools and multifaceted services.

 Because the Hassles can rear their ugly heads at every stage in the building process—from design, to delivery, to construction—it takes a full, systemic approach to dial them out of the picture. In the world of cold-formed steel framing, no manufacturer is more prepared to do that than ClarkDietrich. Our comprehensive array of resources is totally dedicated to preventing problems and promoting progress. 

Leading the fight.

Well worth mentioning here is one of our leading systems: ProSTUD® Drywall Steel Framing. As a product lineup that delivers greater stiffness and limiting heights, time-saving iTools for mobile lookup of installation details, and on-call technical, BIM and engineering support—ProSTUD checks off all the boxes for multiple Hassles made history.

We can also cite solutions developed to take aim at specific issues of growing industry concern. If your next project calls for a better way to combat noise, check out RC Deluxe® Resilient Channel. It increases the acoustical performance of walls, reduces installation errors and is backed by extensive testing data to bolster your specs.

One of the chief ways to avoid Hassles is to enlist experienced allies. With four offices, over 50 engineers and technicians on staff, and nationwide reach, ClarkDietrich Engineering Services can take calculations, shop drawings, LEED® compliance, pre-bid pricing and more off of your hands.


Championing a greater cause.

Innovation. It’s at the core of who ClarkDietrich is. In a word, it’s what we stand for. We realize, of course, making that statement alone isn’t what separates us from other companies who make the same claim. Our actions do—our very real solutions developed with and for our customers in walls and ceilings.

For some, innovation is the realm of head-in-the-clouds thinking. But not for us. It’s a definable process we have repeated time and time again. It’s simply about gaining greater insight into the obstacles and inefficiencies that affect you, providing practical solutions that achieve demonstrated results, and sharing our knowledge and answers with the industry.

So why the Hassles? ClarkDietrich is also innovative in the way we communicate. The Hassles are imaginatively menacing characters. But the complications, turmoil and troubles they represent are 100% real-world. Intelligence gathered from the field will be critical to our ongoing campaign fight to find—and finish off—even more. 

Join the battle and be part of the conversation at stopthehassles.com
And, in the social media sphere, you can also follow our mission on Twitter and Instagram at #StopTheHassles.
Victory is ours.