Welcome to VantagePoint Blog – Your Lens Into ClarkDietrich

Welcome to the VantagePoint Blog, the landing place for views and perspectives from ClarkDietrich Building Systems. Whether you’re a frequent visitor, or a passerby who occasionally drops by to read up on the latest in steel framing, we created VantagePoint to serve as a knowledge bank for the latest developments in what is an ever-complex construction process.

Today, more so than ever, it takes the highly coordinated efforts of the entire construction team to build structures that perform up to, and beyond, today’s standards. As such, the VantagePoint blog will be a forum for architects, engineers, specifiers, code officials, contractors and distributors to engage with us to discuss a wide range of topics related to steel framing. But, that’s only one reason we created the VantagePoint blog. 

By design, VantagePoint will also be your lens into the culture at ClarkDietrich. We manufacture and sell innovative steel framing products; that’s what we do, but it does not define who we are as people. So, you’ll see entries that highlight employee stories, such as the one of our Director of National Accounts, John Keefer, who with his family has been instrumental in the development of Soccer Beyond Borders, a spiritual organization that uses soccer as a catalyst for positive change worldwide. Or, the story of our southwest Ohio Territory Manager, Troy Kehr, who upon the loss of his sister to breast cancer, founded Tina’s Angels a non-profit that provides the support, encouragement, laughter and lasting memories for those in the local community affected by breast cancer. 

We believe it is this perfect blend of the right people, transparent processes and innovative products that sets ClarkDietrich apart in the industry. So, from our vantage point, the objective is clear as it has ever been: Forge a new future for steel framing through a commitment to innovation, integrity and teamwork with our business partners and employees.