Clearing the Confusion on EQ Coatings Through Education

Earlier this year we launched our “EQ-IQ” initiative, a campaign to raise awareness on innovations in cold-formed steel framing, especially as it relates to the benefits of equivalent or “EQ” coatings. These specialized coatings are the byproduct of advanced science and provide several performance benefits over traditional G40 galvanized steel, like better jobsite durability and extended corrosion protection. However, there seems to be some confusion in the industry surrounding EQ coatings. We feel that with a little education on recent advancements such as EQ coatings and product transparency, we can continue to position cold-formed steel as the preferred building material of choice for commercial and mid-rise construction. With this in mind, we recently created an infographic that takes you through every step in the manufacturing process of our EQ-coated steel framing system, ProSTUD® with DiamondPlus® coating.


To download the infographic “Transforming Steel” and to find additional resources, such as white papers, testing data and technical articles related to EQ coatings, visit our dedicated EQ-IQ website