Simpson® Skewable Angle (SLS5, SLS7)

For rigid and off-angle attachments of joist-to-joist, joist-to-hip beam, or to other structural steel members

Simpson Strong-Tie* Skewable Angles are used to make rigid attachments of joist-to- joist, roof rafter to hip beam or joist-to-other-miscellaneous framing. This clip is ideal for making off-angle connections. The skewable clip is shipped at 45 ̊ and can easily be field-bent from 0° to 135°.

Coating: G90
ASTM: A653/A653M

CAUTION: This clip can only be bent one time.


Product Data & Ordering Information

Product code Gauge Mils Design thickness (in) Size (in) Packaging Pcs./Carton
SLS5 18 43 0.0451 4-7/8 100
SLS7 18 43 0.0451 6-3/8 50



Use all specified fasteners. S/LS—field-skewable; bend one time only. Joist must be constrained against rotation when using a single S/LS per connection.




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