RedHeader RO™ Rough Opening System

Labor Saving System for Exterior Curtain Wall Openings & Interior Non-Load Bearing Openings

ClarkDietrich Building Systems is proud to bring you this innovative labor saving system that reduces the number of framing components required to frame a rough opening and significantly reduces the onsite labor to assemble multiple window or door structure.  Up to 50%!

What is RedHeader RO™

  • Framing around a NON-LOAD BEARING Door or Window using single members in lieu of a built-up header or jamb system.
  • Can be used for Exterior or Interior Framing.
  • Header & Jamb system has:
    • Extra wide Flanges (3” and 3-1/2”)
  • The Drop’N Lock™ Clip is flush with jamb for a smooth drywall finish.
  • System SAVES LABOR in Installation and Handling!



Save Labor on Multiple Openings

  • No More Built-Up Jambs.
  • Replace Lay-in & Boxed Headers.
  • Adjustable Drop’N Lock™ Clip.
  • Flat Surface for Drywall Finish.
  • Reduces Material Pieces, Weight and Screws.
  • Insulation Installs Quicker.
  • Headers are Pre-Cut to Length and Marked RED to Identify Easily.
  • SAVES LABOR – In Installation and Handling.


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