Slide Clip™ (SD)

An edge-of-slab deflection clip for curtain-wall framing

ClarkDietrich SD slide clips are used to attach exterior curtain-wall studs to the building structure and provide for vertical building movement independent of the cold-formed steel framing. SD slide clips are used in by-pass framing situations and are normally welded or otherwise fastened to the vertical leg of a structural angle at the floor or roof edge. Normally a stand-off exists between the structural angle and the inside flange of the curtain-wall stud. This will require the installation of an extra stud piece to bridge the stand-off. In order to avoid the extra installation costs, the ClarkDietrich FastClip™ products are recommended in place of the SD clip.

  • First-generation low-cost deflection clip.
  • Offset for easier welding.
  • Requires additional framing components for horizontal stud adjustment.


Product Data & Ordering Information

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Product Code Gauge Mils Design Thickness (in) Size (in)



SD-14 14 68 0.0713 2-3/8 x 5 50
SD-12 12 97 0.1017 2-3/8 x 5 50



Position slide clip slot over C-stud flange and return.  If a standoff condition between the structural angle and the C-stud exists, a secondary member must be installed as illustrated.  Secure the slide clip to the primary building frame with screws, welds or powder-actuated fasteners.


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