General FAQs on ClarkDietrich

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What is the name of the new company?

The name of the building products group is ClarkDietrich Building Systems. The name of the engineering group is ClarkDietrich Engineering Services LLC.

The legal entity that owns the company is Clarkwestern Dietrich Building Systems LLC. (You will see this name as a footnote in literature or as a header on legal documents; however the ClarkDietrich name will be the name customers will see in advertisements, literature and promotional material.)

When will the transaction be finalized?

The transaction is now complete.

Who should I contact regarding quotes and orders? (Outside and Inside Managers and Reps)?

The companies will temporarily operate as separate entities. Customers should continue to work with the respective companies as separate entities until more information is released.

If I have job quotes from ClarkWestern and/or Dietrich, how will they be handled?

Each company will stand by an open job quotation subject to the terms under which that quotation was made. A more complete explanation of the job quotation policy is forthcoming.

If I currently have job orders with one company, can I now source them from the other company at the same price?

You should continue to work with the companies as separate entities and enter job orders with the company whose product literature was provided in your submittal.

Will we need to update EDI or change our practice in how we use EDI moving forward?

The IT teams are working diligently to resolve duplications within both systems. An announcement of any changes will be released as soon as the information is available. Continue with your current EDI account until notified otherwise.

Which plant will my orders be shipping from?

The companies will continue as separate entities until updates are provided.

When are the named plants closing?

The plant closings are staged over a six-month period. More information on the closing dates will be provided in subsequent communications.

If I currently have job orders with a plant that is closing, how will my service be affected?

As the facilities begin to transition, we will work to ensure all job requirements are covered. The product lines of both companies are widely accepted throughout the marketplace. Any conflict resolution will be handled through our field sales and technical group.

Will I have to file a new credit application with the new company?

All credit lines will be reviewed as part of the due diligence of the transaction. We will continue to review credit exposure as a normal course of business and will only ask for credit information as the process dictates.

Will the accounts receivable of both companies be merged?

Yes. This will take some time and we will be in contact with the key individuals at every customer location to assure a smooth transition.

Who should customers contact regarding past issues or claims?

Customers should continue to work with their respective ClarkWestern or Dietrich sales representative until advised otherwise.

Where do customers send payment for ClarkWestern invoices; for Dietrich invoices?

All customers will be advised how and when to change remittance for payments. Until that time, they should continue to remit as instructed on the invoice.

How will my engineering work be affected? Who should I contact about existing and future jobs?

Both ClarkWestern Design and Dietrich Design Group will provide transition information as it becomes available. Continue to work with the individual companies.

When will customers be able to start ordering the combined product portfolio through the new Company?

The products that are unique to one company will continue to be available from only that company until you are notified of the change. When the transition is complete, our customers will have the most comprehensive steel framing product line available in North America.

Will all the products from ClarkWestern and Dietrich still be available?

The combined entity, ClarkDietrich Building Systems will have the most comprehensive line available in the market today. Product duplications will be rationalized, but we do not expect significant changes in the product line with the exception of Vinyl Corp. Vinyl Corp will operate as a separate entity going forward. However, we will offer a privately branded vinyl product line.

What technical information should I use for submittals?

Both companies have the identical ICC report, UL fire tests, sound tests and structural test data for ProSTUD. Both companies have ICC reports for structural framing. The product integration is based largely on the highest performing product to assure we offer the "best of the best" products. Jobs requiring specific submittal assistance should be coordinated with our technical group, who will help guide the customer through the process.