TradeReady® Structural Blocking (TDSB)

Provides a quick and efficient method to prevent joist rotation

TradeReady® structural blocking is the third component of the TradeReady® steel floor system. Structural blocking is pre-cut to fit securely between the underside of the floor joists to prevent joist rotation. Structural blocking is an economical alternative to cross bracing, X-bracing or strapping. A continuous row of blocking should be installed every 8' O.C. maximum and staggered for easy attachment.  Pre-punched holes for quick attachment.

  • Pre-cut to fit 12", 16", 19.2" or 24" spacing.
  • Pre-punched holes for quick attachment.
  • Available in 18 gauge only.

Caution: In order to prevent joist rolling, the TDSB blocking must be tied into the structure or otherwise braced against lateral movement.

Note: TDSB blocking is not required if sheathing is applied to the joists top and bottom.

Product Data & Ordering Information

Gauge (mils) Depth Effective Length
18 (43) 2-1/2" 12"
18 (43) 2-1/2" 16"
18 (43) 2-1/2" 19.2"
18 (43) 2-1/2" 24"


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