CT Stud Profile Info

ClarkDietrich CT Stud Profile

ClarkDietrich CT Cavity Shaftwall Studs are rigid high-performance members engineered to maintain shaftwall integrity. CT Studs are designed for use with 1" thick gypsum shaftliner panels. CT Studs are friction-fitted between top and bottom J-Tabbed Track. Gypsum shaftliner panels are inserted into the stud flanges. The flanges provide an airtight friction fit along the length of the panel. Studs are automatically spaced 24" o.c. maximum. The system is finished with fire rated gypsum board to complete and achieve the designated fire rating.

CT Studs are available in 25ga, 20ga and 18ga.

18ga CT Studs are only available in select markets (18ga CT Studs are for interior systems only)