Strait-Flex® Big

DESIGNED FOR big framing problems

Big straightens large framing irregularities for 90º corners, outside off angles, and in place of metal corner bead.


Big resists dents and paint chipping, cuts easily with a scissors or utility knife, applies with all-purpose joint compound, and will not rust. Manufactured from composite material, it is extremely strong and will not fuzz-up when sanding.

  • Use where corner bead is damaged or cracked. Apply directly over existing corner bead.
  • Use in place of metal corner bead.
  • Outside corners.
  • Continuous 90º soffit runs where splicing is not wanted.
  • Straightens large framing irregularities.




  • Cut Big to desired length and trim ends at 45-degree angles. Fold Big in half at center crease with print size facing each other. For outside corners, fold more than the desired angle with print side facing wall. For inside corners, fold less than desired angle with print side facing out.
  • Apply all-purpose compound to corner. Press Big into the wet compound, adjust to create a straight line, and wipe down with a taping knife. A second coat can be applied immediately. Let dry completely over several hours or overnight.
  • With a 6” or 8” taping knife, apply your final coat of compound feathering the compound beyond previous coat. For inside corners, a very light coat of compound is all that’s needed. Let dry completely over several hours or overnight.
  • Sand lightly with 120 grit sandpaper. Big will not fuzz-up like paper or mesh tapes.

ASTM & Code Standards:



All stored materials shall be kept dry. Materials shall be stacked off the ground, supported on a level platform, and protected from weather and moisture.


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SB-100 Strait-Flex Big

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