TRAKLOC® Stud Profiles (TLF) (TLA) (TLD)

Stud Profile Information

  • Web Depths: 2-1/2", 3-5/8", 4" and 6"
  • Flange Width: 1-1/4"
  • Lip Size: 0.288"
  • Material Thicknesses:
    • 18mil (25ga) 33ksi
    • 24mil (20EQ) 57ksi
    • 30mil (20ga DW) 33ksi
    • 33mil (20ga) 33ksi
  • All material: G40 (G60 available as special order)

TRAKLOC studs are available in four configurations:

Not all TRAKLOC products are available in all markets.  Please check with your local ClarkDietrich sales representative for availability in your area.


TRAKLOC stud without telescopic extension.  Studs are fixed length and not adjustable and have a TRAKLOC swaged end on both ends of the stud allowing the stud to be connected to the top and bottom track without fasteners.

  • Connected without the use of fasteners
  • Ideal for partition walls that do not go from deck to deck and non-composite "above-grid" wall assemblies that have suspended ceilings, as well as TI (tenant improvement) and remodel applications
  • Less time on lifts/ladders

The fixed length studs (TLF) are ordered to length, are single piece components, and are swaged at each end to interlock with the TRAKLOC Track.  This product is used in applications where the partition height is consistent and speed of installation is of critical importance.  The unique swage at the end of each stud allows for quick, tight installation eliminating the need for framing screws or a lift/ladder to install the framing screws.


The variable length studs

Adjustable (TLA), Deflection (TLD) and Elevator (TLE) are two piece components which allow for the telescoping feature unique to TRAKLOC. The two piece components arrive pre-assembled to help speed assembly.  The installer simply inserts the top end of the stud in the top track and then extends the stud (telescoping) to the proper length to engage the bottom end of the stud in the bottom track.


The TRAKLOC adjustable stud can be used in composite, non-composite, rated or non-rated wall assemblies that extend from deck to deck and do not require allowance for live-load and or seismic-induced inter-floor vertical deflection. 

  • Accommodates variation in floor to ceiling heights
  • Eliminates need to measure and cut studs on jobsite
  • Project schedule time savings and installed cost saving
  • 12" long insert - requires 8" min. overlap


The TRAKLOC deflection stud (TLD) is similar to our TRAKLOC adjustable stud, except the extension insert has slots cut out of the flanges.  This allows the drywall screw to pass through the drywall and the outer portion of the stud while passing through the slot. The slot allows the drywall to be attached while still allowing for seismic and/or live-load induced inter-floor deflection at the head-of-wall joint.

  • Allows for seismic and live-load vertical inter-floor deflection
  • Tested in accordance with ASTM E-119 and ASTM E-1966
  • Approved for use in one-hour and two-hour fire-rated head-of-wall deflection assemblies
  • Intertek Warnock Hersey Design Listed
  • TRAKLOC® Deflection Stud (TLD) has a total allowable vertical (deflection) movement of 3" (1-1/2"±)
  • Allows up to 2" of stud height adjustability
  • 12" long insert - requires 8" min. overlap