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ProSTUD, like any interior drywall stud, may be used in a variety of applications including walls, ceilings, and soffits. While some conditions may require the expertise of a design professional, many assemblies can be selected based on tabulated data. Locate the required assembly below and follow the instructions for selecting the proper ProSTUD member.

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In addition, iProSTUD 2.0 provides direct links to UL design reports, third-party STC sound tests and SubmittalPro®, where contractors can view technical data sheets and generate submittals.

Launched in 2013, ClarkDietrich iTools was developed to help architects and contractors evaluate purchasing decisions and assist in product selection for steel framing projects. The cost-saving calculators use applicable project data to give an instant comparative pricing model for both materials and labor for many of ClarkDietrich steel framing products. ClarkDietrich iTools also provides direct links to product pages, LEED® request forms, product literature and technical data sheets. ClarkDietrich iTools is available in both desktop and mobile formats at


Composite limiting height data can be applied to walls where gypsum board is installed on both flanges of the stud for the full height of the wall. ProSTUD® composite data is based on the 2015 International Building Code, and was tested and analyzed in accordance with the most recent version of AC86 (2015).

Composite Limiting Height Tables

ProSTUD Composite Walls w/ (1 layer) 5/8" Type X Gypsum Board

RC Assemblies

Wall framing with Resilient Channel (RC) or Sound Clips should use a non-composite design since the screws attaching the gypsum board are not directly attached to the framing.



Non-composite conditions are common in all structures. When the gypsum board stops at the ceiling level, but the stud continues to the deck, it is a non-composite condition. While there may be advantages to contacting Technical Services or a Design Professional, many conditions can be covered by limiting heights tables shown below. When in doubt, call our complimentary Technical Services Hotline at 888-437-3244.

Distance of unbraced length (Lu) can be found in ProSTUD® Physical and Structural Properties.

Non-Composite Limiting Height Tables

ProSTUD Non-Composite Limiting Heights - FULLY BRACED
ProSTUD Non-Composite Limiting Heights - BRACED AT 48" O.C.


Interior ceilings are often supported by ProSTUD® framing. The design criteria varies greatly based on the weight of the ceiling, bracing, and support points.

ProSTUD Ceiling Span Tables


Chase & furred walls are common, but the conditions vary greatly depending on the building requirements.



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