ProSTUD® Advantages

Construction Advantages:

  • High strength steel combined with low-profile flange stiffening grooves and double offset web planking increases strength and provides greater limiting heights
  • Diamond embossed web creates stiffness, reducing flange fade and screw spinout during drywall installation
  • Strong, lightweight stud and track cuts and handles easier than conventional flat steel studs
  • Flange grooves provide sight line for drywall alignment and aid in positioning screws at drywall joint to maintain the 3/8" edge requirement
  • Web and leg enhancements in ProTRAK® provide straight and rigid members, making it the best choice for framing walls, headers, soffits, and bulkheads

Design Advantages:

  • Designed to meet the additional strength requirements of today’s building codes:
  • IBC 2015, AISI NASPEC (S100), ICC-ES AC86 (2015)
  • UL Classified with listing in over 50 designs, including U419, V438, and chase wall assemblies
  • Exceptional sound performance in over 50 tested sound assemblies
  • Independent Product Certification: Intertek - CCRR 0207
  • Can contribute LEED® points in LEED v4 or LEED 2009. EPD and HPD verifications also available.
  • National availability