ClarkDietrich DiamondPlus® Coating

ProSTUD® with DiamondPlus® Coating

While standard G40 studs are accepted by many as the industry standard for interior steel framing, ClarkDietrich also offers ProSTUD with DiamondPlus coating—the next generation of high-performance, code-compliant steel framing systems.

It's time to set the facts straight on EQ Coatings.

DiamondPlus Outperforms G40 in ASTM B117 Testing
ProSTUD with DiamondPlus coating doesn’t just meet code, it far surpasses it.

In fact, in ASTM B117 Salt Spray Testing, samples coated with DiamondPlus didn’t climb above 3% surface rust even after 240 hours of testing. G40, on the other hand, reached the 10% failure threshold at 192 hours on average.  

Results from salt spray testing reveal that ClarkDietrich DiamondPlus Coating not only meets the performance level of standard G40 steel—it far surpasses it.

Superior Performance Down to the Molecular Level
DiamondPlus Coating isn’t a paint, barrier or mere surface treatment. It attaches to the base substrate of the steel through a chemical reaction. The result? A permanently bonded coating that provides unparalleled corrosion protection.

Transforming Steel:

An Infographic - See the steps we take to create ProSTUD with DiamondPlus

Moving the Steel Industry Forward
At ClarkDietrich, innovation is the foundation on which everything is built. To that end, we are continuously seeking out ways to maximize production efficiencies and improve product performance. Which, in turn, helps to take your projects—and our industry—to the next level.   

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