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DoubleTrack™ System

DoubleTrack™ or track-over-track curtain-wall deflection system

A DoubleTrack™ system is a two-piece assembly that accommodates deflection of interior partitions and exterior curtain walls.

A custom-made deep leg outer track is installed to the underside of the floor deck. A wall assembly is constructed on the floor and slid into place. The wall assembly is built to allow a “gap” at the top for deflection.

The track-over-track assembly, although still used, is becoming less and less common. The development of innovative deflection systems like the MaxTrak® Slotted Deflection System has significantly improved and streamlined the assembly process. DoubleTrack™ deflection assemblies cannot be used in axial load-bearing stud conditions or above continuous window spandrels.

  • Eliminates the need for bridging at the top of the assembly.
  • Requires custom top track and longer lead times.

Structural DoubleTrack Submittal

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Slip Track DoubleTrack System

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