ClarkDietrich Customer Portal

ClarkDietrich is in the process of designing a customer portal and we need your help! ClarkDietrich’s Customer Portal is an online tool that allows our customers to access information and services from us directly at any time and at your convenience.  Our purpose is to provide our customers with resources which can be used around the clock (24/7), as well as make it possible for you to receive support when and as it is needed with a minimum of waiting.  The best examples of a customer portal contain elements that are both proactive and reactive, allowing ClarkDietrich to anticipate your needs and respond before those needs become apparent and/or as your needs arise.
Different portals have different key functions.  This survey is to help us better identify what core functions would be of value to you,  our valued customer.  Regardless of the variety of functions offered through our portal, the functionality must empower the voice of the customer and ensure he or she is heard clearly, and responses are offered as quickly as possible.  Here is where you can help us to ensure that main objective is met during our design.
We’ll start with gathering some basic information about you and your company.

Customer Service
We are going to break the next part of the survey into key functional areas, each group of questions is specific to the core function.
Which reports would you find beneficial to access on demand?