Join us in AWCI’s BIM-Doing it Right™ Webinars

We’ll be presenting in the 2nd (June 8th) and 3rd (June 15th) webinars

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BIM—Doing It Right™

During the last five years, tools for Building Information Modeling have continued to evolve, and the rates of implementation and proficiency have increased in the construction industry.  Companies that adopt BIM will begin to out pace the industry in projects awarded.  They gain the advantage of improved accuracy of design and cost data as well as gains in productivity. 

Where does your company fit in this trend?  Where will your company be five years from now?  AWCI's BIM—Doing It Right™ webinar series will help you figure it out.

AWCI's BIM—Doing It Right™ webinars series offers four unique learning objectives:

The Potential of BIM for the Wall and Ceiling Contractor
Requirements for Working on a BIM Project
Strategic Value to the Contractor to Provide BIM Services
Tactical Milestones to Successfully Implement BIM in Your Office
These four learning objectives will enable your company to participate in a BIM-collaborative project and give your company a positive return on the investment and fewer change orders.

The 10 webinars will answer these questions and more:

  1. Why is the industry fragmented and reluctant to fully embrace BIM?
  2. What is the value to a company for implementing BIM?
  3. What is it going to cost my company?
  4. How does BIM change the way we approach a project?
  5. What comes first, the bid or the model?
  6. How can my company use BIM to control process and cost?
  7. How does a contractor enable the power and value of BIM?
  8. What are your first steps with BIM?
  9. How do we implement BIM training to achieve BIM proficiency?
  10. What are the lessons learned by wall and ceiling contractors that have implemented BIM?

The webinar instructors are all active in the wall and ceiling industry so they can best respond to your questions. 

The start date for the Webinars is May 25, 2016 at 2 p.m. [Eastern Time]

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