Dampen the sound and the smell! RSIC isolation clips…the smell of performance, not rubber!

Apil 1, 2013 - PAC International made the decision nearly a decade ago to do everything we can to be socially responsible, good citizens, good stewards of the earth and to provide the best possible living environment to our fellow man. PAC International is committed to giving back, as well as paying forward.

To this end PAC International contracts with Opportunity Village, a Not for Profit charity, located here in Las Vegas Nevada dedicated to providing employment opportunities for severely learning disabled people. Opportunity Village has been assembling the RSIC products for nearly a decade. We think this is a better way to be a part of the community and a citizen of the world by supporting those in our community whom cannot help themselves.

PAC International reformulated the RSIC proprietary compounds used to make the RSIC Isolators to include a minimum of 50% Recycled content over half a decade ago.

PAC International over half a decade ago made the business decision to use modern “Cryogenics” to wash all the Recycled RSIC isolators followed by a tumble in specially developed finishing system to remove all Volatile Organic Compounds to improve the Indoor Air Quality for all owners whom purchased properties with RSIC product installed. Additionally, the RSIC isolator products are aged in the Las Vegas desert climate for months prior to shipping to further dissipate any residual VOC’s and to conclude the off gassing process. PAC International is committed to having the lowest VOC of any rubber isolator used in noise control.

PAC International takes great pride in the fact the RSIC family of products are the only rubber product used in noise control which do not smell like rubber, release agents or chemical compounds. For a quick comparison, just drop by your local tire store showroom for a whiff of rubber compounding reality.

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PAC International, Inc., manufacturer of the RSIC-1 Rubber Sound Isolation Clip, is a world leader in Noise Control Solutions and is an environmentally friendly and socially responsible company. They have made conscientious decisions to support our country by manufacturing in the United States, and by assembling our RSIC products utilizing disadvantaged citizens through Opportunity Village in our local community.

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