Between Two Studs

Informal. Insightful. And a bit unexpected

There’s a lot to say about walls, innovation and leadership, so we’ve launched this engaging series to share the knowledge and create more conversations. Join host Terry Westerman, ClarkDietrich VP of marketing, as he sits down with a variety of special guests to discuss the exciting world of cold-formed steel framing and the built environment overall.

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Episode 1 - Between Two Studs: Innovation!

We’re launching the show by going straight to the top. On our premiere episode, ClarkDietrich CEO Bill Courtney shares his off-the-cuff perspectives on advancing the industry.

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Episode 2 - Between Two Studs: The Trends Episode

As VP of product development and head of our engineering services, Greg Ralph can talk at length about steel innovation and hot industry trends. Listen as he covers it all in under four minutes. Then, hit subscribe to hear other friendly experts expound informally on a variety of building industry subjects.

Episode 3 - Between Two Studs: Gypsum, Gypsum, Gypsum

We’re into walls, and so is Warren Barber. The manager of technical marketing at National Gypsum Company talked with us live on set during CONSTRUCT 2016 on topics ranging from trends, to performance to the show itself.

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Episode 4 - Between Two Studs: Kraken Chat, Part 1

Listen in to the first part of our sit-down with Cherise Lakeside, CSI, CDT and official CONSTRUCT blogger. Filmed live at the 2016 CONSTRUCT show in Austin, Cherise offers a personal take on the profession of architectural specification.

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Episode 5 - Between Two Studs: Kraken Chat, Part 2

The conversation continues. In part 2 of 2, Cherise Lakeside, CSI, CDT and CONSTRUCT blogger, segues to industry issues and solutions, including some frank and helpful advice for manufacturers. Take heed.

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Episode 6: Let’s Get Visual

Augmented reality. Hackathons. Geeking out the jobsite. Damon Hernandez, IDEAbuilder cofounder and director of technology, sat down at the 2016 CONSTRUCT show to tell us all about it. For future updates and the latest content from ClarkDietrich, subscribe to this channel.

Episode 7: We ♥ Architects

From free spec reviews to our new instant chat feature, special guest and conversationalist Janine Dallies, CSI, CDT, explains why you should connect with our Architectural Sales Group.
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Episode 8: Stuck On Stucco

Stucco’s been used for millennia, but Structa Wire keeps making it work better. Captured live at the 2016 CONSTRUCT show, the company’s Sales and Marketing Manager Jan Littler-Finseth provides an overview of their rather unique products.

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Episode 9: Talking Code

Keeping up with building codes, industry groups and sustainability efforts keeps our Code Development Manager Adam Shoemaker, CDT, LEED® AP, very busy. But not too busy to sit and chat.

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